Board of Directors

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Melanie Finley is the President and founder of the MFOCF. Currenty she acts as the Director of Sales at WhistlePig Whiskey,after spending many years in pharmaceutical marketing. She earned her BS in Economics from Trinity College in 2001.

Mary Ladden is the former Administrator of a not for profit medical organization (American Board of Ophthalmology). This is a position she held for 37 years before her retirement. Currently she volunteers at well known Philadelphia institutions such as the Morris Arboretum, the Philadelphia Museum of Art and WHYY, the local PBS channel.

Todd Binkowski is the Regional Marketing Director, MEA, CAA and Hostile Environments for International SOS Assistance, Inc. Based in Dubai, UAE, Todd is responsible for the daily marketing functions and cross border communications efforts for International SOS medical and security assistance, and concierge services. A graduate of La Salle University, Todd holds a B.A. in Communication with a focus in Public Relations.

Kristy Streefkerk is an Information Architect with Tribal DDB, based out of Vancouver BC. She is responsible for creating usable web & mobile experiences for clients like Intel, University of british Columbia and the Canadian Tourism Commission. Kristy is a graduate of Indiana University where she recieved her MS in Human Computer Interaction Design.

Stephanie Cullen obtained her B.A. in Psychology from The Catholic University of America and later a B.S.N. from The University of Pennsylvania. After spending 4 years working on an adult oncology floor at The Hospital of The University of Pennsylvania, she recently changed directions and is now working as a GI nurse at the Perelman Center (Penn Medicine’s outpatient medical center). She is honored to play a role in such a wonderful organization lending support to women during their struggle with ovarian cancer.