Melanies Story

Melanie Finley is an ovarian cancer survivor and the Founder of The Melanie Finley Ovarian Cancer Foundation. Currently she is the director of Sales for a start up company, WhistlePig Farm Distillery. Melanie was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA in 1979. She graduated Springside School in 1997 and received a BA in Economics from Trinity College in Hartford, CT. After college Melanie resided in South Florida for 9 years where she was the Director of Marketing for a Pharmaceutical company specializing in dermatology.

In August of 2007, at the age of 27 Melanie was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. After bring misdiagnosed Melanie’s final diagnosises and treatment was under the care of Dr. Steven Poliakoff, in South Miami. Dr. Poliakoff outlined a specific treatment for her that was designed specifically for her condition. After being educated about ovarian cancer she realized she had most of the symptoms associated with ovarian cancer. Because ovarian cancer symptoms can be attributed to other medical conditions her symptoms were all previously overlooked until she saw Dr. Poliakoff. Dr. Poliakoff diagnosed her in early stage so the prognosis was good. After five surgeries and twenty-two chemotherapy treatments Melanie successfully won the fight against cancer.

At a young age Melanie learned the importance of life and that life is short. Heroutlook has changed and completely agrees with the saying, ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’. She kept an extremely positive outlook during her treatments and believes that made her stay strong throughout the process. A positive attitude and mental state is just as important as physicial strength.

Melanie hopes to live a happy and healthy life and continue to spread awareness about ovarian cancer to other women, share her story and support women going through ovarian cancer treatment.